It’s about a moment in between
A moment you didn’t know existed
Something unexpected and exciting
A moment that refuses to explain itself
A moment that is honest
Connecting the viewer with the message
A moment with passion and guts
Only then will that moment live beyond the scrolling apathy
Let’s create something that lasts
Let’s tell a story together


Bios are inherently awkward—so much “me” talk, am I right? I’ll refrain from speaking in the third-person, which makes it even worse. But I do want you to know it’s entirely possible to interject at any point by shooting me an email

But you’ve continued on, and that shows me something about you. I like youand I want to assure you it’s not too late. It’s not too late to rethink how your brand conveys a message, how it tells its story, or how it connects beyond all of the industry buzzwords and hackneyed conversations. Together, let’s cancel the word “content”!

In today’s ever-evolving media landscape, my greatest responsibility as a creative with a lens is to be able to adapt. From my photo studio to the Met Gala, the mosh pit to the Marc Jacobs runway, my home is behind the camera. I’m looking to capture a singular moment that commands people’s attention. Through stills, video, words, and design, I create stories that transport people back to that moment. If any piece doesn’t ring true, people can see that. But that’s not going to happen with you and me. 

After more than a decade in New York City crafting stories for publications like Paper Magazine and The Green Magazine, I’ve developed a uniquely editorial eye. I’ve also served as Sundance Institute’s portrait photographer, worked with likes of Campari, The MaCallan, Aperol, and W-Hotel, and photographed hundreds of high-end fashion events. I’ve been kicked in the face at SXSW while shooting for Vans, and puked on at Coachella just trying to get the shot. It all adds up to one adaptable photographer, I’d like to think. Plus, I’m just a pleasure to work with. 

Cut to 2020 (a year we’re either ready to forget or ready to resuscitate) and you’ve found me. Somehow, someway, you’ve found me. I think that’s just RAD, and I can’t wait to work together.


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